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We now have all 291 of the 291 issues online, giving you 9,186 previously unobtainable pages. We’ve reached the 100% mark in magazines ready to read and share with other patriots. All 25 years are complete. Thank you for stopping by in large numbers to read these classics of patriot writing.

An ambitious expansion of is underway, and your financial help will bring it to completion. The most exciting aspect of what your contributions will make possible is the authorized publication for the first time of manuscripts from Wilmot Robertson that have never been seen by the public. Who knows what gems lie hidden in these manuscripts? Your help will get them published right here at InstaurationOnline. Also coming will be the first authorized online editions of Wilmot Robertson’s three pivotal books: The Dispossessed Majority (626 pages 1972), Ventilations (119 pages 1982), and The Ethnostate (244 pages 1992).

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Welcome to the authorized online edition of Instauration. With your financial help this website will bring you the entire 25 Volumes, from Dec. 1975 to Feb. 2000. Instauration is one of the two best magazines dedicated to White common sense ever distributed to patriots.

The Home tab above displays all issues chronologically. Use the “Next Page” or page number buttons to view further issues at the bottom of Home.

Larger issues are split into two parts. There were only three issues in the final year of publication, 2000. Instauration began in December 1975, so Instauration’s volume year runs from December of the preceding year to the November of the tabbed year. To view the contents of each issue, exactly as they appeared for Instauration subscribers, you need only left click on any cover.  You will have the ability to search for any word in that pdf with your Adobe Acrobat Reader. You also have the printed Index of Instauration that was compiled for the years 1975 through 1987. The Index is long, 130 pages, so it requires a longer download wait than any other issue. You can search the entire 130 pages of this Index with your pdf reader.

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